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The town Teplice nad Metují is situated in the north-east Bohemia on the river Metuje approximately 10 km from its spring. As a landmark on the map can be used the closest bigger town Broumov which is 15 km away from Teplice or all the Broumov hook on its east border Teplice laid.  If you go from Trutnov you will find the Teplice rocks at the beggining of the town and if you go from Náchod you will find it at the end of the town.

The parking fee is paid per day and it makes 50,- Kč for the car and 150,- Kč for the bus.


The easiest way how to travel with public transport is by the train. The important link from Meziměstí to Týniště nad Orlicí leads through the Teplice nad Metují main station, from the main station to the Teplice rocks is the best choice for travelling the train again.


The buses to Teplice go on the links Broumov-Adršpach or Police nad Metují-Teplice nad Metují. The bus and train stops "Skály" are only several meters away from the entrance to the Teplice rocks, so now there is no choice just to pack the snack, good shoes and set out.

car The main road connection to Teplice nad Metují leads from Trutnov through the villages Chaleč and Adršpach and from the opposite side from Náchod through Hronov and Police nad Metují. Right at the entrance to the rocks are situated large parking places for cars and buses. 

Praha – Teplice nad Metují 170 km 

Brno – Teplice nad Metují 184 km 

Starostín - Miroszów (border checkpoint with Poland) – Teplice nad Metují 15 km 

Náchod – Teplice nad Metují 27 km

Trutnov – Teplice nad Metují 27 km