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Assortment 1/2 day 1st and 2nd day 3rd and next day
Boots 80,-CZK 100,-CZK 80,-CZK
Poles 30,-CZK 50,-CZK 40,-CZK
Helmet 30,-CZK 50,-CZK 30,-CZK
Googles 30,-CZK 50,-CZK 30,-CZK
Children ski 80,-CZK 100,-CZK 80,-CZK
Children set (ski, boots, sticks) 120,-CZK 150,-CZK 120,-CZK
Carving ski 150,-CZK 200,-CZK 160,-CZK
Carving set (ski, boots, poles) 200,-CZK 300,-CZK 240,-CZK
Snowboard 150,-CZK 200,-CZK 160,-CZK
Snowboard + boots 200,-CZK 300,-CZK 240,-CZK

You need ID or passport for renting the equipement!

Refundable deposit will be determined according to the value of the loaned equipment.