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ts Teplice Rocks rightfully rank among the most admired natural sights in the Czech republik. They cover more territory than the National Natural Park of Adršpach-Teplice Rocks. If you arre tempted to visit Teplice Rocks, you can expert a walk through a wild rocky labyrinth of breathtaking beauty. You will pass under masive Cathedral Walls, stroll through the narrow glen of Ann´s Valley, visit picuresque corners and magnificent viewing points. The varied and cirious shapes of the rock spires will inspire you as they did visitors from several centuries ago. Moreover, these rocks are a well-known paradise for rock climbers. In addition, Teplice nad Merují is the venue of the annual International Climbing Film Festival.

A nature trail devoted to the memory of Josef Vavrušek, which was opened in 1999, will take you through the area designated for tourists. Fifteen panels placed around the entire route contain not only texts on the history of the rocks but also interesting information about flora and fauna as well as many photograps and illustrations. The nature trail serves tourists as a source of information and at the same time provides great study material for school trips and excursions.